St. Monica’s Fellowship

At St Monica's Guild meeting in February 2001, the Guild Banner was re-dedicated in St Thomas' Chapel. The Parish of Victor Harbor was formed in 1933 with the Rev. Whereat as the first Rector. Mrs Whereat, when speaking to Connie Brand in 1976, recalled how eagerly the church members had answered the call to build up the congregation and to support new activities. A Ladies' Guild, with duties which were mainly of a social nature, was already in existence at St Augustine's in 1933. The Rector decided to give the Guild a new name, with new rules of membership which included church attendance and private prayer and so the Guild of St Monica (from the name of St Augustine's mother) was formed. The original Guild banner was made by ladies of the Guild using part of an old Altar Frontal.

Thanks to the talents and generosity of Jill Parsons, the Guild Banner is once more resplendent and taking its place in the Church. Those of you who have seen it will agree that Jill did a magnificent job. While we greatly admire and thank Jill for her time, effort and generosity, we should also remember in our hearts those early members

In 2011 the Guild was renamed “St. Monica’s Fellowship which sounds more in keeping with the times and its aims.

Today the Fellowship is still strong with around 25 members who meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

The Fellowship plays a very large part in raising funds for the church and twice a year we hold a Card Luncheon with a trading table and this is always very well attended.

The Fellowship caters for funerals, and helps with weddings e.g. arranging the flowers, we also help at social functions, organize the morning tea roster and are involved in many other activities within the church Money raised goes towards buying equipment, cleaning the carpets and windows or other church maintenance costs, we also donate money to the School Chaplains Fund and the A.B.M. (Australian Board to Missions).

At our meetings we may have a guest speaker, or have a 'Show and tell', or someone in the group may have something to exhibit or to talk about. Once a year we have a day bus trip and at our Christmas break-up in November we have a service in the church, followed by a short meeting, lunch and then a special event to finish the day.

If you are interested ring the office for more information or just turn up. You can be sure of a warm welcome.

Our Prayer of St. Monica

Dear Lord, to whom St Monica prayed without ceasing for the conversion of her son Augustine, we pray that You will accept the service that we offer through this Fellowship. Grant that what we do will always be in accordance with Your will. We pray that the work of Your kingdom will grow in this parish and that we will always be able to serve You, and do what is right in Your eyes. We also pray that we will always be part of Your heavenly kingdom. We give thanks for all that You have given us. In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen